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St. Teresa


Pastor: Fr. D. G. Davis, III 
Pastoral Coordinator: Jim Jackman 
Religious Education Facilitator: Cheryl Nothum
Music Director: Natalie Malec Wilmoth
Bookkeeper: Cindi Combs
Housekeeping: Matt Moon
Ministry Contacts

Finance Committee Chair: Darrell Combs

Pastoral Council Chair: John Mineo
Maintenance: Dick Hasbrouck, Dave Sabol 
Church Flower Beds: Mary Ann Duncan 
Cemetery: Chris Slocum, Dave Sabol
Sacristan: Cheryl O’Neil
Eucharistic Ministers: Pat Vallimont 
Altar Servers: Kim Yaple
Lectors: Noreen Hurlburt
Ministry Contacts (con't.)
Liturgical Environment: Diane Maynard
Mass Requests: Natalie Malec Wilmoth
Legion of Mary: Sophie Combs
Prayer Chain: Yvonne Stauffer, Mary Louise Capan   
Knights of Columbus: Seth Moss
Rosary Altar Society: Rowena Watts
Religious Education Guild: Kelly Geer
Cursillo Liaison: Judy Flynn 
Funeral Dinners: Irene Weaver
Girl Scouts: Mary Hoffman
Baptismal Garments: Barb Maloney 
RCIA: Pat Vallimont 
Small Faith Community: Noreen Hurlburt